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> Idea for new series..., C'mon, humour me :)
post Jun 2nd 2007, 9:01 PM
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I had this crazy idea for a new Star Trek series... sort of a combination of all the good things about good Sci Fi these days... a BSGish element, Stargate element, and the good old Star Trek elements (naturally, and when used properly can make for good TV)

Starfleet decides to explore the Beta quadrant in greater detail (they never did deal with that part of space). They assemble a fleet of Starships (BSGish element) 'war'ships, supply and re-supply ships, civilian ships with Federation representatives (for proper First contact protocol) maybe a new type of stealthy sneaky ship for advance scouting (sorta like a submarine element... maybe new cloaking tech) a perhaps new 'starfighter' craft, maybe a squad of prototypes, a new element for Starfleet to explore.

In addition the MACO division (I think that's what the 'marines' from Enterprise were called... I never felt they were used to their potential) has been reinstated to escort away teams, and provide additional ship board security, and for boarding parties. I had this crazy idea to have an experiment in temporal physics accidentally pull a soldier into the future from World War Three (naturally he was to be Canadian). He spent a year believing that Starfleet was a clever ruse being used by the enemy to extract information from him (ala SG1's encounter with Hathor at the end of season two) eventually he accepted what happened, his life as he knew it was done, and he had to move on, he immersed himself in history learning what has happened between when he was, and the "now". Eventually petitioning Starfleet to reinstate the MACO's so he would have something to do in a sense. He could have been the CO of the MACO's on the expedition, or just a team leader, just a kink to work out I guess.

En route to the Beta quadrant the Romulans become aware of this and assume that the Federation is attempting to establish a base of operations on the other side of the Empire (I think the Beta quadrant is on the other side of the RE in relation to Federation space). The Romulans shadow the fleet and launch harassment attacks periodically.

The cause for these attacks is the degeneration of relations between the Empire and Federation. Following the events of 'Nemisis' (as this would take place after that) the new Romulan government reversed it's new 'moderate' policy towards the Federation and Earth (which the end of Nemisis suggested was happening… the moderate thing I mean), now threatening total war. Border skirmishes are common along the neutral zone, and both sides are slowly marshalling troops and fleets for war.

Once in the Beta quadrant the fleet makes contact with new races, gets in trouble, gets out of trouble, the usual stuff. Except with no character shields. I like the element in Heroes where anyone can die, and if it serves the story they WILL die.

Eventually the Fleet finds ruins of an ancient civilization (the other half of the SG1 element, along with the MACOs) further research shows that this race is related to the Romulans and Vulcans, indicating an earlier division of beliefs and philosophies (before the Vulcans and Romulans split as we know them now), they find that this race divided and some left for the Alpha quadrant for peace, they were fed up with the war mongering nature and sought inner peace, in a sense becoming the Vulcans, then as we know they split again and the Romulans were ‘born’, more aggressive, following their passions, and lust for war, harkening back their original nature. (I think that’s the chain of events… Vulcans first, then the Romulans came to be… if I’m wrong, lemme know)

While the fleet is exploring the Beta quadrant, tensions mount between the Federation and Romulans, a full Fleet engagement is fought, with no clear winner, attempted theft of ships is common place on both side, in order to learn more about the enemy and their technologies. Scouting parties are launched both ways, shallow penetrations of enemy space, probing attacks, searching for weaknesses in the defenses of both sides. The Federation council is desperate to avoid total war with such a formidable opponent as the Romulans. They launch a mission of peace, unarmed ships with diplomats, as a last ditch attempt to stave off war. The delegation is destroyed by defending Romulans without so much as answering a hail. War is inevitable, and imminent.

The Beta Fleet comes across the Original Romulans, discovering that their civilization is still very much alive and prosperous. And decidedly powerful. The fleet is attacked without warning as they unwittingly enter the territory of the Original Romulans. Sustaining moderate losses they flee back to a planet they know is a safe haven to affect repairs and regroup.

Over time (maybe a lot, maybe a little, not sure yet) they discover that the Original Romulans have been in contact with the Romulan Empire of the Alpha quadrant, encouraging war with the Federation, promising to support them, and reunite their species. (perhaps it was the fault of humans, or a race very similar to humans that first “infected” the Original Vulcans (for lack of a better term) and made them aware of the way of peace. So this war serves multiple purposes, reuniting the Romulans, and revenge for the original division of their race.

The original premise behind this was a Voyager-esque adventure, except this time it was intentional, not an accident. Starfleet and the Federation spent a couple years planning this, and assembling the crews and ships, intending to colonize a couple planets even, not in a military sense, but to extend the reach of the Federation and the hand of peace.

From a creative standpoint, there is a multitude of stories to tell, different sections of the fleet; military, and civilian. And the amount of ships involved (I pictured 12-20 combat capable ships, with almost as many civilian and support ships) there are enough people there that there’s no end of stories, and different ships can be used for all kinds of situations. There can be stories centered on the MACOs, others on fleet combat, others on single ship to ship encounters while scouting or exploring, stories involving the politicians, corruption, first contacts, maybe exploring other kinds of religions (not in the ‘ancient earth’ SG1 sense, but from a total different stand point, what would a completely different race do/think etc. type of thing) as well as the classic exploration and first contact that was the genesis of Star Trek.

Obviously there are holes, missing pieces, and what have you that would need to be worked out, but I actually started to write a story about this, when I get home in the morning I’ll post a link or something. But lemme know what you think, do you think this idea would fly? What changes would need to be made? Additions, subtractions etc. where are the clichés? Would the time traveling Canadian idea work out? (I kinda like it… there’s a lot of potential I believe)

I probably forgot bits and pieces that would make this clearer, but ask away and I'll probably have something in my head to bridge a gap, or fill a hole, but I’m curious what people would think of this, lemme know, and don’t hold back, only blunt criticism can poke the bad holes and make this better.
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